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Social Media Marketing is the practice of obtaining Internet traffic or recognition through the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Web-based marketing hinges on the necessity to create a constant flow of content that attracts users and encourages them to share with their online communities. In this way, messages and information that stem from businesses can be shared with the assumption that the information is creditable because it is coming from a member of one’s community. Social media marketing is cost-effective because it permits positive messages to be distributed freely In addition, this marketing apparatus is endlessly accessible because anyone with an Internet connection is a potential customer. The introduction of SmartPhones has revolutionized Social Media marketing because users take their phones with them everywhere they go; this translates into constant connectivity.

Online Video Views: YouTube & Facebook Lead

On November 28, 2011 comScore, Inc., a worldwide leader in analyzing and reporting statistics in the digital world, released its findings for Top US Online Video Content Properties for October 2011. It’s no surprise, YouTube kept its first place rank and extended it’s dominance over all others in the video world. There was one surprise in November’s report though.

How To Get YouTube’s New Home Page Design Today

YouTube is currently testing a new home page format and design. They say these changes are geared towards making the site more social and easier to navigate. The new layout also provides more Google Plus integration. If you would like to check out the new YouTube design today, before it goes live for everyone, you can.

What Is Internet Marketing & Why YouTube?

If you are in business today, you know you need to use online strategies to harness the power of the Internet to grow your business. You may have heard the term Internet Marketing. Maybe you’ve heard Video Marketing is powerful. The real question though, is how? Start getting some answers now!

Get More YouTube Views: View Fuel Part 8

We are here at the conclusion of the View Fuel series. It’s been a fun series for us to film. More importantly, you have learned the first 7 strategies to use in your YouTube videos to help you videos become popular, shared, and even viral. The last installment “L” covers one of the most overlooked elements of successful videos.

VIEW FUEL – The 2nd E Stands for…

Surprisingly enough this was a key element. All the most watched, and viral videos had this in them.

VIEW FUEL – The U Stands for…

Nick was hoping I fell off the roof! I hope I am only kidding but if you watch this video you will see what the “u” in Fuel is all about…

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