Online Video Views: YouTube & Facebook Lead

On November 28, 2011 comScore, Inc., a worldwide leader in analyzing and reporting statistics in the digital world, released its findings for Top US Online Video Content Properties for October 2011. It’s no surprise, YouTube kept its first place rank and extended it’s dominance over all others in the video world. There was one surprise in November’s report though.

YouTube Video Views Statistics – October 2011:

  • Total Unique Viewers – over 160 million
  • Videos Viewed – just under 21 billion
  • Time Per Viewer – approximately 7 hours

21 billion video views in 1 month is staggering. What’s more, it’s growing every day! And YouTube isn’t just sitting around and resting on their lead. They are expanding, changing, and growing constantly. In fact, YouTube is currently testing a new home page design which is geared towards making the video giant more social. Learn how to get the new YouTube home page design today.

There was a surprise in October’s report. Facebook! Their total unique video viewers soared to over 59 million which landed the social media giant in 2nd place behind YouTube. This was a major increase from one month ago when, in September Facebook placed fifth in this category.

Facebook Video Views Statistics – October 2011:

  • Total Unique Viewers – over 59 million
  • Videos Viewed – just over 346 million
  • Time Per Viewer – approximately 18.4 minutes

These statistics clearly tell us one thing – video consumption is rising. As a business person, or marketer, if you aren’t using video in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a massive amount of exposure. Today, more than ever, successful marketing campaigns need to include video and those videos should be utilizing the YouTube and Facebook platforms.

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